Monday, May 31, 2010

A favorite

A favorite . I love these more than roses.
I think everyone should have fresh flowers in their home , these came from my sweet neighbor , she has about 6 huge bushes of these peonies, so I am sure I will be having quite a few of them .
I have a small little plant of these and I can't wait till it's a huge bush to pick and pick from, nothing like fresh garden flowers , right? Hope you had a lovely weekend ,we just lounged around ,it was great ..nothing to do , no where to go .. there's no place like home..


Sue said...

What lovely peonies! They are one of my favs as well, but are just about done blooming here in Maryland. I was able to dry some though, so that I can enjoy them later as well.

Sounds like your weekend was just right!


Florence said...

Those peonies are beautiful. I wish I knew the secret to growing them. Florence

Denise Yezbak Moore said...

I love peonies. Nothing like having fresh flowers in your home.

Marianne@Songbird said...

They are gorgeous. Mine are still in buds, but I keep trying to 'stare and will' them into blooming. Just a few more days left.

Debbie Demmers-Lujan said...

Andrea, I have some deep pink peonies just starting to bloom. Noticed them today when I was filling up all my birdfeeders! Peonies are one of my very favorites. Have a great memory involving peonies....saying farewell to a friend years ago....we stood by her peonies that were in full bloom, would grab bunches of petals, throw them in the air and let them float down on was a great memory!!!
Yes, I think Karen Valentine could help you....she is a great gal!!!! deb

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Hi Andrea!
My goodness, these have to be some of the most GORGEOUS peony images I've ever seen!

I just discovered your lovely blog, so nice to meet you!

All the best,

red.neck chic said...

You little stinker - I'm so JEALOUS!!! My neighbors don't have ANYTHING other than cactus!!! I'd be raiding their bushes CONSTANTLY if there were some of these beauties!!!

Green with envy...
;-) robelyn

Anonymous said...

Your crinoline header is Darling!
My peonies are all done blooming , I need to see if there are some later blooming varities to keep the beauty going.

Pretty Things said...

I ABSOLUTELY agree, SO much better than roses. Roses, shmoses.

Olivia~ said...

Oh wow sweetie these are so fluffy and pretty, i love them.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Lovely! We have six peony bushes of pink and white. They smell so heavenly!

tales from an oc cottage said...

You are so right! Such fluffy pink goodness!

m ^..^

Anne said...

Those peonies are gorgeous. And the color is just the perfect pink color. Thanks for sharing. You have such a beautiful blog by the way. said...

I've just picked the last of my peonies for the year and sure will miss them!

prashant said...

Sounds like your weekend was just right!
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