Friday, July 30, 2010


Oh yes,it's another chandelier to add to my collection..I have wanted one of this style for awhile and luckily my junkin pal Jenny had this and soon it became mine ~!I think it looks pretty with the old bed frame I picked up so we'll see once I get the bed set up ..still have to go pick up a new mattress set for it ~ :)

I love this old crown fit for a bride or display ..I just love all the old beading on the front and the tulle on the back .. I intentionally bought this for my shop and have been hoarding it for awhile but now have decided to part with it ..It's just so pretty! I can't keep everything I find so I added it here to the shop!

Wishing you a great weekend packed with finding treasures and some flowers I picked for you !!!
Remember if you haven't voted on a color for the chicken coop ,there's still time to! The poll is in the upper right corner here ont he blog and if theres a color I haven't thought of feel free to post it here!!!!!!!! And thanks for blogging with me !

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Got all the chandys clean..and a few other things..

What a difference a little windex makes?? I got all 6 chandeliers cleaned today ,have one left to go :) and also cleaned these cloches I have ..I like to change whats underneath every so often ..So I put my sweet baby doll under here for now..On the way back from yakima I stopped at one of my favorite antique shops and picked up another one of these. I didn't have one in this pretty of blue , but now I do!! I may where this at a show!!

And lots and lots of these... I love the pink and white ones but I also like the other colors ..Something bold in a house of mostly white ..I also added a few to the shop and will be the next couple days ..more colors..
The street fair is tommarow... I am hoping to find more treasures .........

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Wedding

Is this a sweet little old doll or what? Cloth body and she has a crier inside that still works.. I added her to the shOP, you could use her head for something or put a pretty dress on this one.
I love these old Tattered lampshades ... I want to make something pretty with these?? Maybe attach some old fabric to them ? Something??? What do you think?

I picked up these two old flour sifters at a yard sale for 50 cents and piece and knew right away what I wanted to do with them ..I picked up lavender and planted them inside..Any cute little plants will do in these..I also have a ton of vintage crinoline trim if anyone would like some I added it to the SHop.

I love to make bouquets outside on my little picnic table. These just from a day ago from my neighbor again ..I love having fresh flowers all the time with a neighbor like her with the yard she has and I the yard I am trying to achieve.

I love using old milkglass vases and old blue canning jars ..I have plenty handy ,I really believe everyone should have fresh flowers inside their home at all times... I do.!

And more flowers.... here is the wedding bouquet I made Saturday for my now Brother's Wife. I think it turned out so lovely! That's what 10+ years as a florist will get you!Made right in my kitchen for 1/4 of the price!

What a busy crazy week ! Now I feel like I can relax a little ,wrap up last minute pricing for the barn sale in Enumclaw Wa. If anyone lives in the area and would like directions please just ask! I would love to meet you !!!!!!!!!!!A short post but wanted to say Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cartes Postales

I created more of these pretty lavendar satchets for my shop similiar to the ones shown in Romantic Homes Magazine this month..And Thank you for your sweet comments on my new shop opening..
Do you love roses???

Roses and more roses....

I found some great stuff this weekend ,like this vintage french postcard album..The pages are just as lovely as can be with the cherub angles and doodles on each page .

The old little sticker still on the inside... As well as this cream vintage album with sparrows embossed on the front..Not sure what I will do with them..I thought the lined paper would be pretty scanned and then printed to write notes on.

And today I recieved a ton of fresh garden flowers from my dear neighbor who has literally a rose bush farm going, there are so many..I am glad I have lots of little vase, even canning jars help!

I even left some on the day porch ..I am doing the wedding flowers for my Brothers wedding next Saturday and i thought how lovely would these be in a wedding bouquet...

So romantic...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ta da....

I have been really so busy ... getting ready for the Barn Sale and finishing up on my new website!
I added pretty things like this old jewelry box..This is one of the prettiest ones I have ever found!And this lampshade from Anthroplogie... It's hard to part with ..but I have so many lamps it rediculous!

Picked up this old hanging iron lamp the other day just needs to be rewired.I just love it!!

I also made a bundle of burlap and linen table runners. These look so pretty on my farmhouse table!
Please visit my new webiste I would love to hear whaT YOU THINK!!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

A little getaway..........

Back from a week at the beach in Westport,Wa. ...Theres just something about the ocean that is truly inspring....Our little cottage we stay in #7~ home away from home...
Starfish line the powder blue drapes throgh out the cottage which is located almost right ont he beach and right next to one of my favorite little shops ,The Mercantile...

The place is an old 1920's school house turned into a huge antique shop full of inspiration. I could just live at the cottages...A little store across the way ,the prettiest antique shop next store...I am really thinking about it ....

A vintage pincushion made of the prettiest linen and ols pale blue floppy worn ribbons, just the way I like them ...And some old trim with more old ribbon woven through.

Vintage hankie keeps, I just love the old fabric on these and the worn ribbons.

Sweet vintage handmade seam binding , don't you just love this and a whole spool of it.

The inside of the most prettiest candy box I have ever found ~

A pale satin blue with floppy ribbon bow on top with old ribbon work flowers. Oh my ,this is definalty a keeper.Also a pair of old shoe forms with the prettiest pale blue silk ruffled with more old ribbon work and some old hat netting with velvet ribbons. I just love all these little details ,don't you ?

And I could have bought a whole lot more if I would have let myself! The winner for the Romantic Homes August issue is .................
She Dreams Big #7
Also have a little something else I have been working on.... I hope you'll check it out and let me know what you think!