Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Show me your crown~

Updated june 8th! Will have the full list of blogs posted on the 10th! So excited to see everyone's crowns! Please remember to link back to here so everyone can check out the full list! I am checking the blog daily and adding links! A~
PhotobucketShow me your crown on June 10th~ Whether it be jeweled or garden themed like this one I created, wouldn't it be fun to be Queen for a DAY! Well you can ! Sign up on the comments or email me with your blog link to vintagepaperbella@gmail.com
And on June 10th there will be a list posted of all the queen's so that you can go and enjoy their crowns! I know you have one somewhere in that cottage home! Any crown will do whether you bought it or made it!
Photobucket My crown was inspired by all these yummy colors~ will show more pics on June 10th! Come on and sign up!
PhotobucketGo ahead and copy this button for your blog and Show me Your Crown! And tell your queenie friends too!Please try to have your post up early in the morning ! Thanks for signing up, I am looking foward to seeing everyone's crowns!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Colors I love ~

PhotobucketI love these sweet little bundles posies from Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic Store. Tied with a little piece of ribbon and a worn safety pin , they just look so pretty in these old glass things off a chandelier I have.I love the worn cream colors in this picture , And this sweet old hankie keep
Photobucketfound at one of my favorite antique shops , with it's delicate tea stained lace edge and satin tie . I love the colors of this,they are just so pretty and one of my favorite finds! Along with this vintage barkcloth runner which may become a pillow someday ,I think I can get at least one pillow out of this.
Photobucket Or it would also make a nice valance too .It measures about 24 inches by 60 inches long just to give you an idea. I am also getting ready to do my Aunt's wedding flowers in two months , she is going to have a bouquet of mixed dahlias ~I really love pretty summer colors like these.....It's all going to be so pretty.
Also trying to find something to wear to my aunts wedding, I haven't worn a dress in like 7years??! I have a vintage prom dress but i could never get into it , but maybe if I found one that was my size would that work? ( wishful thinking) Or maybe a ruffled blouse and slacks? What do you think, I have not been to a wedding in a few years. I do wedding work on the side but I don't attend all the weddings I design for , just deliver and make sure everythings just right and then go.
Photobucket I just love these old blue mason jars and I pick then up when ever I find them because they make perfect vases .I am planning a special giveaway for my 100th POST that's Coming soon!! I'll give you a hint, it's going to be really LOVELY! and vintage TOO!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My little vintage suitcase

PhotobucketA sweet little treasure I found last weekend , a cute little vintage suitcase in a pale shade of white . I started by covering the inside with vintage wallpaper, ( maybe I should have also taken a picture without all the pretty stuff inside) but you can kind of see some on the inside lid. Then I wanted to make a pocket on the inside of the suitcase lid and I chose a pale green vintage crocheted doily and folded it in half and then with a hot glue gun I glued it in place really tight. I wanted to be able to see all the pretty things in the pocket and with this I can !
I also trimmed the inside of the lid with a vintage trim taken from an old prom dress , it really made it more frilly, I am really loving tulle lately!! Inside we have velvet flowers , velvet trims and tea stained laces with vintage wallpaper and tags already made and ready to give. Ribbons, trims, Photobucket millinery flowers and little vintage trinkets to embellish things with.It's not very tidy but it look so pretty this way ~
PhotobucketPicked up this pretty picture at a sale , I mostly love the frame and it is in really good condition . It has such lovely details on it. And this sweet floral vintage tabelcloth that I picked up for only 50 cents . It will be perfect for the table outside on a sunny day with some pink lemonade.
PhotobucketI would probably layer it with a lace one to drape down from underneath this one.It was finally a sunny weekend here , getting ready for the sale at Jenny's barn . Making up little flower pots for the garden using vintage containers filled with forget me nots and moss. I like making up cute little garden pots filled with flowers out of vintage containers like, old baskets baby containers and even little teacups . They would be pretty set on a table outside in the summer for a simple table arrangment~

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I heart roses

Looking through my rose photos of last year~Garden roses~

Photobucket Hope you had a great Mother's Day!

Found lots of great things last weekend that I can't wait to share with you, old suitcases turned pretty, vintage linens , and some other things...

Roses are so inspiring, I love to garden when I have a free moment or two.
And these rose vintage wallpapers, I finally got all my wallpaper cut down and ironed , so I can use it and It is easier just to grab a piece now when I need it.
These make me want to create something! I just love vintage wallpaper, there is just nothing else like it!
Photobucket TaTa for now will be back to post my finds from a great weekend of sales loaded with inspirations!

Monday, May 4, 2009

This weekends finds

PhotobucketI love it when it spring comes because it means yard sales to me ~ Stopped at a church yard sale on found this whole shoe box full of pretty old seam binding ribbons, and look what was in the box. I found two of these~ One still in the package, aren't these just the prettiest you've ever seen!
PhotobucketI just love them because I have never seen any this pretty~ And this sweet old doll dress, I plan on doing more with this but for now I tucked a bunch of old velvet millinery to it~
Photobucket And these really pretty old sequins, theres just something about the old ones, there just so pretty!
And in the mail I recieved this darling journal book from Kristen's
giveaway ~ I just love it and it really does inspire me ~
Pretty pale colors ~
And I have been searching the thrift shops for this perfect lampshade with out a covering on it,just the bare wires , and I finally found one. I wanted to use some pretty tulle ruffle trim from an old prom dress that I got from my friend Sarah to cover the lampshade with. And here is the end result. I think it turned out pretty !With a floppy old velvet millinery flower that is so lovely ~But wait I didn't have this all glued down so I tried it another way ~ Can you please tell me if you like 1 or 2 better.
2. This pink one just has tulle around the top of the shade .
PhotobucketAnd a picture of the shade before ~this I found at the thrift shop !

Remember to tell me if you like lamshade 1. or lampshade 2.!Thanks, Hope you have a lovely day!~

Friday, May 1, 2009

Marie Antoinette

Maria hosted a really fun collage swap, here is the one I recieved from Nina ,who was my partner, I just love how pretty she made it , she also included some pretty flocked paper with a few goodies, like the pretty pincushion, that I just adore that is now my new blog banner ~ So me ! I love it ! Thank you !

All the little details are really so pretty!
My new pretty treasure . Ahh !!! Photobucket keeps cutting off my photos!
A sneak peak at the one I made for Nina ~ I hope she likes it !
Pretty feminine details..vintage wallpaper, buttons, lace ,glitter,tulle,millinery,velvet,rhinestones..plenty to dream about...........
There were chocolate english bisquits in my box too, but of course I ate them already, they were so yummy~
So excited to go yard saling this saturday, found a few little things today ...will take some pictures, I even found some good old christmas goodies, two boxes full for 2.00 !!! You can't beat that, in one of the boxes is an old tabletop christmas tree with a long strand of glass mercury garland, so pretty and hey why not the price was right even if it is May! Well my heart appointment is on the 12th, I am a little nervous. I have been put on heart meds for the last 3 weeks and have been waiting to see the cardilogist with the 12th being the soonest I can get in, after having to get all the referals straightened out.I just want to know whats wrong so my mind can rest ..I have cut a little back on the starbucks but just a little, coffee really does have some good benefits ! I love flickr and would love to know how do you make those cute little collages out of photo's?? I would love to know!! Will post my new finds soon! Hope you have a lovely weekend! xo Andrea