Monday, March 29, 2010

A little Easter swap

I've been doing a little sewing , made these little pants for Gracie and also made skirts for the two older girls .I just didn't get a chance to take pictures of those but I will. I love to sew ,crafting for me actually started with sewing . I never actually thought of sewing till several years now ago their was a sewing machine my aunt was selling for $15 in a yard sale I was hosting.

I have been sewing ever scince. The more sewing i did the better I got. If your looking for a easy peasy pattern for little girls clothes I like Sandi henderson patterns. Oh my gosh their so easy.I can't read a store pattern but these have easy to follow along directions.

Now is this little teacup just the prettiest thing?? I was lucky to have a little Easter swap with Miss Lori She makes the prettiest things....

And look at this sweet little bunny she made. Just adorable and I love the lavender!

Thank you so much Lori ! I will treasure thse lovelies! I love the sweet little bisque doll too with bunny ears!

And I leave you with these .I love to collect these cups and love it when I find one. What do you like to collect??

A little contest to tell you about!
Check it out!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Things I love.

Just a few things that I love .They inspire me and set the mood for something lovely.Like this darling old vintage doll dress, I love the sweet stitched tulle ruffles. Found it on etsy ,don't you just love etsy??

And we couldn't start out the week without a dose of fresh flowers like these pretty ranuculus. I think I spelled that right, anyhow there pretty and say english garden to me.
Hope you don't mind my name on the pictures, I just worry about photo theft, do you ever? I picked up this cute old album for less than 1.00. I get so lucky sometimes ,I guess that is the thrill of the hunt .I plan on doing something with this ,not sure what yet .

And isn't this just so lovely .A real vintage velvet strawberry pin cushion, just as sweet as day.It may not be pink but it still has beauty to me. Another etsy find.

And actually two of my best finds for the week ,is this cast iron candle wall thingy I picked up at Goodwill for four bucks .Thanks GW! And this pretty old pink hat with a pink velvet bow another etsy find. I just love the cast iron, it's texture and worn places I just love. So I guess all I have been doing is shopping, what about you??

Monday, March 15, 2010


I scored on a few Shabby Chic tm coffee cups on ebay a few weeks ago. I just love them and threatened everyone here as to what will happen if they break one!
And tonight I will be dreaming in these pretty Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture Pajamas that came to my door today .They are just lovely as lovely can be!This is what I call luxury!
Are these great or what??
I did some major organizing yesterday! I will be adding my destash loot to etsy today.It feels so good to actually now know what I have and where it is??!! I am thinking about a giveaway soon! So look for that! I hear my laundry calling ,so talk to you again soon!xo Andrae

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bakery Bags

At the bakery again , not only for the donuts I ate ,AND I ate way too many! But for some of these white little paper sacks . Cute enough to be turned into little gift bags for little gifts or in my case cookies!Cookies for me that is! My diet hasn't been working lately, I have a severe sweet tooth for sure.
Scored at Goodwill again on the picture of these sweet little girl ,the silver pitcher I found at a yard sale a few weeks ago. I can't wait for more yard sales to come once it gets nicer.I always seem to have the best luck with them!

I finally had some energy last night and made myself a little journal. Not that I really journal but this is a start~ I ordered some stamps and when they come I'll show what this will eventually be.Although it is pretty enough as it is.

I will be out in search for the new romantic country magazine tonight, wish me luck ! xo Andrea

Monday, March 8, 2010

Lets make something pretty today

I picked up some cute Bethany Lowe easter goodies for me and some for the shop, I just love the vintage style and the cute little old graphics on the front of this crepe wrapped basket! How could I ever pack this away.Went to Goodwill yesterday and found these pretty old earrings , a couple stones are missing but I don't care there so pretty!
I have had a dry spell in my creating lately ,what do you do to get inspired? I bought two rolls of old ribbon the kind that has paper between each piece around the roll. I cut ribbon like pieces and decorated them into pretty prize ribbons .

And with the help of a cute little Easter kit I bought on etsy from Julie Collings. I made two cute little easter baskets .Oh there so cute! My little Gracie was especially fond of the little chicks, she wanted them all so I gave her one and hid the rest.

And the week wouldn't be complete with out some fresh flowers for us to enjoy! I buy them weekly now, the house just feels more pretty with a lovely bouquet! One of these days I would like to create a floral design tutorial for you. These flowers sure make me miss the working atthe flower shop.

Anyways my studio looks like a tornado hit so I am going to try to clean it up today. Wish me luck I may just get lost in there! xo andrea

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Did you bring your basket?

Did you bring your basket?
I hope you did. How about a little Easter egg hunt?

So pretty, these are really addicting! These little eggs made in western germany are a treat for the eyes when finished with old millinery flowers and velvet ribbons along with lots of other vintage embellishments.

I love how they all look together. Really hard to part with ,I did however add a few to my shop

And look how pretty they all look in this little basket. I picked up this cute little basket at Goodwill and made a burlap ,tea stained ruffle liner for it! I tied thehandle with some old greyish colored ribbon .I made a couple eggs for gifts too. You can fill the inside with candy or paper shreds for an even more special gift! What have you made this week?

Monday, March 1, 2010

White paint and burlap

My apron is home now from Apronology. have you picked up this fabulous issue yet?? I used a piece of a crinoline from my blue one. It is so full you can't even tell I cut a piece out to use for this .When I was done I just sewed it back together! I added a pretty rose and ribbons from an old prize ribbon.
One of my new fetishes is old clocks, pretty ones like this one .It even still works ,found at a thrift store for 75 cents! Total score !And after putting some of my dolls in the shop here I am buying more. Meet my new little Nancy Ann doll who keeps me company while doing dishes, here she is sitting in my window ledge above the sink.

I was so happy to finally find a lamp to go with this gorgeous vintage lampshade, it is silver in color and works too.I just love the contrast. And the chair , picture this chair all brown.
I wish I would have taken before pics.

And the seat was the same wicker stuff that backs the chair and had a slight tea in the seat, found for 2.50 at the thrift store on a half off sale. I painted it white and added two layers of burlap to the seat and tacked it with furniture tacks . I love the way it turned out, junk to some but to me I seen what it could be ,even with the tear in the seat, it is plenty sturdy to sit in.I can't paint at all, all my paint jobs turn out so crappy ....but here it is!

xo andrea