Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pale Green

I love this vintage wallpaper with it's soft pale green shade with contrasting white and colored bouquets, it really is one of my favorites, so I used some for this sweet little notebook.
PhotobucketPretty, Pretty!
I love checking the mail and waiting for sweet little things like this old doll I bought from Beth
that I just love ,I think I have a thing for old pretty dolls scince I just can't help buying them all the time.

Whew! It has been so hot here , I can hardly get anything done . It was a 100 here today and It's supposed to be a scorcher tommarow too, I hate to go out because the ac isn't working in my car and even with a sunroof it doesn't help when trying to catch a warm breeze because that's all you get. But despite all that I decided to go to goodwill anyway and oh my it was the hottest 4 mile drive ever! Goodwill has been slim pickins lately but I keep looking anyway , found an old vase and that was about it.
Picked these up at a sale , cute little hanging vases , once the heat dies down I think I'll hang them from the tree in the yard with a garden rose in each...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A few vintage finds ~

I found a few good sales on friday and I just love it when that happens. Like these sweet little lady planters , I just love them so these I think I'll keep ....
This one is missing her hand that was actually taped to the backside and in her hand she is actually holding a mirror which I am going to glue back on .Even with her flawes she is still lovely ~

And one more with a little flaw but even so I just love all these vintage plant containers .

And these dainty 1920's vintage opera glasses from PARIS . Such a rare find and so french chic ~ These however I added to my shop , I'll proabably regret it later but you just can't keep everything! Stamped with the makers name and PARIS. I love the patina of these.

Along with this pale lavender ,almost looks pink vintage lace dress, this is just says southern bell to me~ Very femanine and flirty ,would be pretty displayed .A lacey shear top and the back of this is so pretty!~ Layers and layers of ruffles..... see below


I wish this would have fit me becasuse I really would wear it if the occasion was right !

More generous ruffles and sheer fabric .I just love vintage clothing especially pretty things with lots of little details such as this.....

And would you believe I found two vintage lace shoe bag holders ?? I did in one weekend! These are perfect for holding all your crafty goodies in your studio for extra inspiration! I love and use mine! Both available in the Shop! Anywho it's late here and I am sleepy , I will post pictures of the barn sale next time!!


Friday, July 10, 2009

And the winner is ~

The randomly picked number is: 72
Lowest Number 1
Highest Number 228
which is http://smirleyworld.blogspot.com/

I have been meaning to post the winner sooner I have just been sooo Crazy busy getting ready for the barn sale coming up next weekend with my friend Jenny! I can't wait to take lot's of pictures to show you all~ Jenny already has the sweetest cast iron bed set up outside with a new over hang over the barn, very eclectic and so pretty! I will be heading over this weekend to set up my display's and also do some shopping myself!

Also checked my mail the other day and was delighted to find this inside~I can just read these over and over again~ !!So inpiring as always and most of my inspiration comes from this magazine and was the inspiration behind the article I created for this issue~
My sweet friend Lili M. sent me these photo's of this adorable magazine she picked up
PhotobucketAnd it was this ad that caught her attention, even more exciting!
PhotobucketWhich if you haven't gotten Somerset Life yet, this is a little preview of all the yumminess inside ~Jenny Doh did a beautiful job displaying with my artwork~ Thank you Jenny~

And on another NOTE~Remember this???????

Well next July I will be teaching a class at the 2010 National Barbie Convention In Cleveland Ohio! So excited ~ Will have more details soon on sign ups if your interested and live in the area~ Well I hope you have a good weekend I will be back to post pictures of the Barn sale which is not to be missed~ xo Andrea