Friday, April 30, 2010

Show What You Create Blog Party & a Winner.....

I hope you'll join me on May 21st for a Show What you Create Blog Party! What do you make, what do you do? What do you LOVE to create???Show me and I'll show you ! To sign up ,comment on this post with your blog address and grab this picture here for your blog! Please help me pass the word around TOO! It can be a tutorial or just something you've made! Let's get Crafty! On May 21st post your creativeness with a linK back to here for the FULL list of creativeness! It will be a blog Hopping day!
And the winner is #11 Terri Gordon!

Oh such beautiful choices, but I really love the third photo, it looks like mint green with flowers. They are all so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful week. Terri

Thanks to all who left a comment !

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vintage Wallpaper Giveaway

If only you could see me glowing still after bringing these new couches home. I love them ,slip covered and now re-arranging today .This is the before and you'll have to come back for the next post to see the after.

I also brought home four rolls of vintage wallpaper to line drawers and finally the back of my book shelf ,if you remember I had several different pieces scattered on the back of the book shelf and now I am going to choose one of these to grace the back.
I made large packs and petite packs for the shop, they are in my old shop as I have not yet closed it, still lots of goods at 50% off!You can find the wallpaper here!

I may choose this one here for the back of the shelf ,it's so hard to decide .

I like both of these in the photo above.

Which one do you think? Please cast your vote and also be entered to win a petite wallpaper pack of all 4 vintage wallpapers. Blog about it for an extra entry or twitter too for an extra entry,become a follower for an extra entry ! Be sure to post each time to count for an entry!

And Whats not to love about vintage wallpaper? Could you image homes and closets filled with such beauty .These papers from the 1930's 40's are just as lovely as can be .

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Let's go Flea

I sure have been busy today out snatching up the goods.

An old frame, these I just love even to hang without any picture or sometimes I'll tuck an old birth certificate in the frame .
I just love these little flapper girls ,looks like maybe they would have been pot holders or pieces to an old quilt ,along with this gorgeous dish.I have wanted one like it for awhile and this one is in excellent condition!

Some old linen pillowcases.I have a linen fetish for sure .I am planning on getting a armoir to contain them all because my little hutch is bursting at the seams!

A old pretty lamp that works, I just love the chandy crystals .An old toile tray and a pretty sign that I am deciding where to hang.

Plus an old lampshade frame with a bit of old ribbon tied around part of it .It's that little detail that made it mine.
Wishing you a lovely weekend! Andrea

Monday, April 19, 2010

Come have breakfast with me

Are you hungry? I know I am .I just love these blueberry muffins from Starbucks.
And it looks so yummy on a pretty plate,don't ya think?
This weekend I picked up one of these old mirrors , I have quite a few now and with this one I added a few old photos ,don't ask me who they are ? I do however love the look. Along the bottom I added a trail of old millinery flowers and in the corner an old millinery rosebud with an old crinkled ribbon, the more crinkled the better.

And of course I picked up some flowers for you and me!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A love affair

Oh, yes .I bought another doll .My love affair with dolls I think started from a early age when I recieved a box of old dolls and dresses from my great-great grandma .I played with them ,I didn't have barbies or anything just these old dolls here in this trunk.I am glad I took care of them and still have them today scince I have had them scince maybe I was 5 or so.

I love the little bunch of millinery tucked in the old bonnet.An here is the doll I just got ,isn't she pretty!
And I couldn't resist taking a picture of her bloomers, I love the details ,the tattered fabric and colors make my heart swoon!
And my little bag made it back from Haute Handbags and now is listed in my shop here This would be cute for any little girls room or even to use to stash things pretty with found objects stitched in place.
It is not half off but everything else in the shop is still 1/2 OFF!
and my little apron is home now too from Art quilting Studio.That is also listed in the shop!Hard to part with but I really am overflowing here with aprons!

Every stitch and detail ,old barkcloth rose fabric ,old pearls,buttons,millinery,rhinestones from an old doll dress.I added more photos of the details on the etsy listing...

Friday, April 9, 2010

More Burlap and a winner

New goodies and a new shop! I have been a little busy! And I think I have a bit of a burlap fetish going on lately~! Next is burlap pillowcases and burlap ???You can visit my new shop here

And everything in my other shop is 1/2 off .Instead of going through and marking everything down ,if you make a purchase i will just invoice you with a correct invoice. I will be closing it and just doing the other you can find that one here

I just love the way these turned out,I made the rosettes using the prettiest old rose fabric and old ribbon from the 1920's from an old millinery hat shop.
I love the one with the doily ,I hand dyed it a light blue cream.

Did I tell you I am crazy about burlap!??

I love these cuffs too, using only the prettiest things.If you think the sizes listed may not fit I can gladly make you one that does.

And the lucky winner is ~

red neck.chic

I love the burlap vases!!!

Of course I do - they came from your head!

When I was in Warrenton I thought of you a million times over... you would have had a FIELD DAY with all of the goodies that are perfect for you! You have to venture to the fields of junk - I promise, it will be worth your trip!!!

;-) robelyn

Monday, April 5, 2010

Burlap vase giveaway

I am loving burlap lately and it's not just for pillows and tote bags anymore.I created some pretty vases to diplay ,these here are on my day porch . I used blue vintage mason jars and then sewed pockets to holds them with burlap. Added old ribbon and vintage photos and here are the results!I love the one with the horse photo on the front and then I added an old horse prize ribbon to the side with glass mercury beads hanging below.
I will create one of these for one lucky winner! You'll have to fill with your own flowers .Just leave a comment on this post and for a second chance to win you can follow this blog and for a third chance to win you can blog about it ! Just be sure to post each time .

A little sampler on burlap with my initial and little scraps of this and that.Not sure what I'll do with it now.

And remember my magazine post ,the endless piles.Well here they are now.
All the pages of inspiration pulled from them and in one binder now! So much better than trying to remember where I seen what that I liked and in what issue? It took a few days but i did finally finish them all. The only magazines I didn't do this too where my Somerset Life's and other Stampington issues. Those are like pretty little books to me.

Will announce the winner this Friday!I also will be adding some Barbie T shirts to the shop tonight! xo Andrea

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

I wanted to wish all of you a Happy Easter ! As we celebrate the Resurrection and life of Jesus.The real meaning of Easter. Here are the two little ones in search of Easter eggs today. Have a great weekend and see ya Monday for a giveaway!