Friday, February 26, 2010

Velvet Millinery

I just love velvet flowers, velvet ribbon and just about anything velvet really. I just listed a few in the shop . Thanks for all your ideas and suggesting for the shelf, I think I am going to glue the wallpaper to cardstock and then tape it up .That way I can always use the wallpaper for other things, but really thought even if I glued it on, it is so pretty would I really change my mind?

I love vintage wallpaper and wish I had enough to cover more things!Also wanted to announce the little box I was giving away to # 11 Tristan . Thanks to all who sent an email to WWC , she said I had such sweet friends and you know I really DO! xo Andrea

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I've got gluesticks

To glue or not to glue, that is my question??? I have the vintage wallpaper tacked up behind everything and I just haven't commited to gluing them in place yet.

What do you think, should I glue them? Just I spent $150 on this Rachel Ashwell Simply Shabby Chic book shelf that I LOVE .And once it's glued thats it theres no turning back should I change my mind someday. So what do you think?

Glue or not glue?? I am leaning towards gluing ....would love to hear what you think???

Monday, February 22, 2010

Drum Roll Pretty Please................

Let's get right to the winners and then some other lovely things!! I also would like your help with something!! Friday # 26 bellashabby,Thursday # 18 She dreams big,Wednesday #15 Amy,Tuesday # 11 Zita And Monday # 62 Rose Garden romantic.wheww!!! It took some doing to get this all figured out!! Thank goodness for random generators!

And now to the studio.. I would like your honest opinion!You won't hurt my feelings, I love constructive critisism!

Do you think ?????

That my studio ?????

Is up to par??????

To be ?????

In Where women create????

(my new simply shabby chic book shelf LOVE)

A magazine I would love to be in.......................

Well do you ? I am trying to work on my styling and photo skills.....

Well if you do? Will you go here and click on Tell us everything .And tell them you would like to see my studio featured in a future issue??? Well if you do ,come back and post that you did and all who help me with this will be entered into a special giveaway of this pretty trunk to store your lovelies!!! If you think it needs to be better please let me know that too!

BLOG UPDATE! Thank you all for emailing them ,I did hear from them and was informed that they actually come to your home to take the pictures and they go by geaographical areas they may be visiting so I will have to wait until they come to washington BUT thats ok! Hopefully my studio will be featured in somerset home , a magazine I love just as much as wwc! Thank you , you all are such sweet friends and of course I would do the same for you ! I still will pick someone to recieve this lovely box!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Blue Friday Giveaway!

Could you do something with this??? It's a chandelier but the cord has been cut, you could use the crystals or make something with it right????

And what about this vintage wallpaper ? Very pretty also have some listed in my shop!What could we make with this???

I will post the winners on Monday!!! And please come back to see if you won because I need your help with something!!! Will let you know what on Monday along with pictures of the NEW studio, i bought a cute little old farm table and Rachel Ashwell's simply shabby chic shelf ,it really looks oh so different from before !

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursdays Funtastic Giveaway!!!

Another fantastic day inspired by this jounal thingy I made when I first started blogging, I thought it would be fitting scince I never thought when I started blogging that I would meet so many nice people like you all! ALL YOUR SWEET COMMENTS , I have read mean so much to me and therfore all the giveaways are really a big Thank you for blogging with me!!It's nice to be able to share what you love with all of you! xo
There will be a seperate winner for each day so be sure to comment on each day of the week!
This was an address book , i covered all the pages with paper...
And added a vintage wallpaper tag to each page . Maybe you would like to do something with this???

And some pretty crown tickets for embellishing little things.
and some pretty vintage fabric pieces to do something with??
Now to find what will be given away tommarow! This is so fun ,I'm not sure when it will end??!!!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Each day is a different winner so be sure to comment on each day that way there will be more winners instead of just one recieving all.And more chances to win!
Starting wednesday with a bundle of this pretty vintage wallpaper . I also have packs listed in my shop here
I love this paper, it is so pretty!
And this sweet little picture that says Vintage satin sandal with chiffon bow, so if you like shoes as most of us do then this might be just for you!!!


be sure to see what will be given away tommarow!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday's giveaway!!!

Would have tea with me ? Or coffee out of these pretty cups??? And maybe we can sew something out of this 1940's vintage fabric, this is actually a garment cover ,you slide the hanger in and maybe an old dress or it can be cut up to sew with!!Just two things to add today ..And if you'd like to leave another comment it will count for an added entry!!I hope you like these, wait and see what I add tommarow!!
I thought it would be fun to have more winners ,so for each day I add a new thing leave a comment on each post will draw a name from each day to win, hope I made sence!!If your just tuning in be sure to leave a comment on Monday's giveaway!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Tuesday's addition to the giveaway Enter again!!!Bonus!

Would you tie this on ???
A pretty apron made of vintage linens ,silky rose fabric and old trims with a fabric linen roses attached at the top ..I am hoping one of you will......
Each day this week I will add something new to this post to be added to this giveaway!This is only the first of whats yet to come!
To enter just leave a comment , if you decide to blog about the week long giveaway then post again that you blogged about it to count for two.Wait and see what I post tommarow!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Wishing all of you a Happy Valentines Day!I am trying to get a handle on my doll collection therefore I listed a few in my etsy shop.
Like this darling flapper girl german half doll, wouldn't she be pretty made into a pin cushion with old trims and lace?

And these tulle dolls sweet as can be ,look at there dresses, don't you wish they still made them this way..
And Nancy in need of a pretty dress and a good home with someone to love her .
What are your plans for Valentines Day??

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love swaps

Here's a giveaway to check out! Patina Soul , such prettiness!
Some pretty roses, I have been treating myself to fresh flowers every week ,it's so nice to have them around the house in little places!
And my ever growing vintage clothing collection, also have two more crinolines around the house.

Cathy's valentines day swap

My partner was ramona

Speckled Egg's petite valentines day matchbox swap

I love doing swaps, getting new trinkets to play with. I did 3 swaps this valentines . First Heather of speckled-egg valentines inspiration swap , little matchboxes are so fun to alter and decorate.My swap partners were from left to right Jeanne Szewczyk , Marain Ballog ( no blog) and sarah elder. All so pretty!The last one I did was Dolly's, still waiting for mine but should be here anyday!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Something pretty....

Pretty crinoline ruffles of tulle and ribbon.. I had a great weekend out at my favorite shop, Today's Country store, there link is on my sidebar if you'd like to check them out and you should ,there shop is packed full of all things pretty.


Like this pretty old album that just had to come home with me , the inside pages are the prettiest shade of blue.
Not sure what I'll do with these yet.Photobucket
Do you ever go shopping and then get home and think about that thing you "should have bought" so then you make another trip?? Well I did and this old rose candle stick along with a new vintage white farmtable for my studio ( will post that next) was my reason to go back again.

Isn't it pretty, it love the way it looks with an old hat hanging on top.
I love my new table , it fit my little studio perfectly and hubby was such a trooper too!! He loves my little shopping extravaganza's , I just know he does. What did you do this weekend???

xo Andrea