Friday, February 26, 2010

Velvet Millinery

I just love velvet flowers, velvet ribbon and just about anything velvet really. I just listed a few in the shop . Thanks for all your ideas and suggesting for the shelf, I think I am going to glue the wallpaper to cardstock and then tape it up .That way I can always use the wallpaper for other things, but really thought even if I glued it on, it is so pretty would I really change my mind?

I love vintage wallpaper and wish I had enough to cover more things!Also wanted to announce the little box I was giving away to # 11 Tristan . Thanks to all who sent an email to WWC , she said I had such sweet friends and you know I really DO! xo Andrea


icandy... said...

What beautiful flowers!
Have a super weekend!

Elyse said...

millinery is so lovely.

sounds like a good decision in your studio. keep us posted. :)



Have fun gluing or taping wallpaper. Those veils are lovely, look like ice cream! ~ Angela

NicNacManiac said...

Such fabulous flowers...the colors are so putting me in the mood for Spring!! I'd go with the boards as could always change your mind!!
Happy Friday!! xOxO Nerina :)

House and Garden Boutique said...

Gorgeous! Flowers always bring a smile to my face, especially this time of year!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

How beautiful they are. They almost gleam, don't they?

I won?! That's so exciting. Thank you! I'm so looks like the perfect trunk to store ribbons in!

Thank you.

Kate and Oli said...

just found your blog and LOVE it!


ShirazandFrenchBlue said...

Oh, I love, love, love, pink and peach together and yes, to velvet, I am having a love afair with velvet ribbon right now too, I bought a bunch but don't know what I will do with it yet.

Julie said...

Such gorgeous flowers--love them all!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Lori said...

those are really gorgeous Andrea!!! said...

What pretty sherbet-y colors!