Saturday, January 2, 2010

After a long day

After a long day of cleaning and folding laundry the house feels clean and de-cluttered a bit . I washed all the linens and folded them so...
I was finally finished and ready to hang out with a few friends who were coming over to make something pretty with me.

Here we are ready for some glitter and glue !
Here is the little paper treat I made using a copy of my favorite vintage wallpaper, these are my new cards I have been working on, wouldn't these be lovely to receive instead of your usual card? You can create any saying for the occasion.
We snacked on sugar cookies and I served coffee, talking about the new year and everything we wanted to do.Here is the one Jenny made, she used the pinking shears on hers and hers says vintage girl,with a few old bling buttons. Jenny had brought her huge book of old sheet music from 1890 , she even shared some with me!

And the one Karen made, she is going to give hers to her sister for her birthday next week!
After my friends went home , I made a few more horseshoes that are plain with stitched sewn about them , I love sewing paper and do often . I also made a few more Vintage Hearts

I love the crepe ruffles on them, there mini ruffles which makes them the perfect size for these and are so very pretty!The pink one is a vintage flocked wallpaper that I had been hoarding but finally decided to use it. Are you a hoarder too?? I have lots of things I just can't bare to use, sometimes, it may be the last piece of vintage wallpaper. I do copy my wallpaper but it's not the same as the real thing..
Here is an inside view of the pink one.Old wallpaper on one side and vintage sheet music on the inside.
I also worked on this cover for a journal I made, I think I have caught the crafting bug and making pretty things seams to be the cure :) Once I get my batteries charged I will show you pictures of whats inside this pretty cover!!

xo Andrea



Hi Andrea,
Looks like a few of us gals had the crafting bug bite us...I should have invited a friend over :)
Your new cards are very nice and looking forward to your finished journal cover.
Deb :)

LiLi M. said...

Your journal is going to be great! And those hearts are so pretty too, Andrea. I haven't done a thing yet. Thought I was recovered, but the cold has reached my throat now :-(. Told my husband that we should go anywhere where the sun is shining next winter! Take care!

Sue said...

The journal cover is just lovely!

Sue E.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

what a delightful collection of whimseys!

you started the year out perfectly!

vivian said...

cute post! love your heart pocket, such pretty things youve created, great inspiration here!
happy new year!

Lori said...

everything looks so pretty Andrea...i love the heart with the flocked wallpaper, that is one of my favorite papers...the crepe ruffles are gorgeous, did you do those yourself?

Maija said...

Looks like you had a beautiful creative day!!!
Your journal cover is so pretty.
Happy New Year Andrea!!

Cathy said...

Hi Andrea,

Please post the "Amour" Valentine Swap on your blog and link it back to my blog when you have a chance.



Pretty Things said...

I want to find myself some vintage dolls this year! It's my new task for 2010!

June said...

Andrea, you do create the most beautiful art. A crafting day with you as my teacher would be a treat. I need to be pushed to craft, because I don't feel overly confident with what I make most of the time when it comes to creating with paper. These tags and heart and the hearts in your previous post are so amazing. And yes, I find it so difficult to use things that I collect along the way, especially the vintage bling that I find.