Monday, January 18, 2010


Some super pretty holy cards I picked up, I just love the old images and colors .Not sure what I'll do with them yet....
I have been working on the 3 different swaps I signed up for , these are for Speckled Egg's petite valentines inspiration little matchbox swap , mine are covered in bits of vintage wallpaper...wrapped in paper doily's and vintage pink/white tulle. All wrapped up ready to go...
I am going to buy a new camera and I feel lost with all the choices , would love to know of any good ones if you know of any!!! I have a poor lighting problem so I would need one that works well for that...
Here's a sneak peak at my apron I made that will be seen in Art Quilting in March ..

Just bits and pieces of vintage pretty things. I can't wait for Apronology to come out in February, if you want a little sneak peak at the apron I created for the issue you can visit Stampington click on the See What's New on their home page and scroll down...and find the magazine there and it gives you a little sneak preview with my crinoline apron being one of them. oohhh! Your going to want to go take a peak!! I'm tellin ya ,it's ppreetttyyy!!! So be sure to have a look!!
Did I ever confess I am a magazine junkie,hoarder,critic??? Well I am ! I love issues like Somerset Life and Altered Couture, oh how I wish I could sew clothing, I can make my little girls pants but not shirts .Anyways I wanted to tell you I also love Romantic Homes magazine, it never dissapoints and same with Romantic Country, love that too, BUT I used to buy Country Living all the time , until about 7 months ago when Nancy their editor left, the magazine has just not been the same , It's turned so moderny with atwist of retro, I'm not really sure?? I can't stand it. Does anyone else know what I am talking about??? Not one pretty article , or if there is, it's only one page , I won't buy a whole magazine for one page of pretty!! This magazine would be part of my magazine monthly buy, but not anymore ...I will though cherish my past pretty issues and treat them like gold , what do you do with your stacks of magazines?????

xo Andrea


Lorrie said...

I have stacks of magazines - lots and lots of the old Victorias, many Romantic Homes, and a few others. I'm with you about Country Living - it just doesn't work for me any longer.
I like a Canadian magazine, Style at Home - it's modern, but doable and still comfortable, not all minimalist and hard.

I just mailed off my boxes for the Petite Inspiration Swap today.


Barbara Jean said...

All sooo gorgeous.
I love visiting here.


barbara jean

Barbara Jean said...

PS Did you use the tiny match boxes for the swap?
I'm having trouble finding them at a reasonable price.

do you mind telling where you got yours?


barbara jean

luckygirlgifts said...

I know what you mean about Country Living. Ugh!!
I bought one of those big black journals at Barnes and Noble and I go through my magazines and cut out EVERY single thing that inspires me. I don't overthink it, I just cut and then paste it into my book. That way I have ALL of the inspiration and none of the extra junk. Even if I cut out 20 pages, it's still way less than an entire magazine. It's a little tough at first but when your journal is filling up and everypage is completely covered with total inspiration it gets easier. I even save recipes and advertisements of shops I want to check out.
Have a fabulous week.
cAri b.

Lori said...

oh, those piles of magazines...i can't stand it...i never subscribe to anything anymore...because i can't throw them away either...and i have nowhere to store the piles...i have a current subscription to Country Living, that i signed up for totally by accident when i was on their web site...i know what you mean, it is not my favorite either...your apron peeks are lovely Andrea...and your petite boxes look so pretty all wrapped up!!!

vivian said...

I'm a magazine junkie too! I buy victoria, romantic homes, romantic country, a bunch of the somerset ones, artful blogging, life, home, where women create, etc. I used to get cottage living, and my all time favortie which I miss dearly, mary englebreits home companian. plus I pick up what ever else stikes my fancy when I see it.
but.. though I used to buy country living once in a while, Ive never been a big fan, as there are soo many ads in it.
I just Mary Englebreit do her magazine again. At least I have about 10 years worth of issues, and I dig through them all the time!
have a great week!

Beth Gales said...

I also am a magazine junkie....seems to be going by the wayside, but I have baskets of old ones I can't part with,especially Christmas ones which I find timeless.

LiLi M. said...

Hi Andrea! I cannot throw a magazine away easily too! I have Marie Claire idees I think starting from nr. 6. Now nr. 76 will appear. I love to read almost all Stampington publications and I cannot say goodbye to them either. With other magazines I tear out some interesting articles. I just cannot throw magazines away! I was in the Petite inspiration swap too and I used...vintage wallpaper and pink tulle too! I sent them off yesterday!

Shabby Kim said...

You'll probably cringe when I say this, but due to limited storage space in my house, I just don't have the room to store all of my magazines, so what I end up doing is cutting out the best parts from the magazines (anything that visually pleases me) and I create what I refer to as my "Decorating Scrapbooks" using notebook binders. I've done a few posts on them in the past. Check out my Archived Posts from 11/5/08 and 9/5/09 to see what I mean!!


Hi Andrea!!
YES...magazine junkie!! I agree with you about CL mag..won't renew my subscripton, LOVE the other 2 you mentioned and Southern Lady is nice.
WOW three swaps... you have been very busy and your apron looks awesome from the little peaked you shared.
Deb :)

Elyse said...

first - your work and photos are stunning. stunning!

second - i am with you on the magazine hoarding and i know some issues so well that i will recognize homes and artists featured in other issues! when the "waterside cottages" book came out, i knew a woman's home from an issue of "creative home" -- i could even tell that she had moved things! crazyfunny!


Barbara Jean said...

Thanks for coming by and for the tip about her you got your boxes.
I thought they had to be the big ones by all the stuff you made to go in therm!

I'm hoping to find the small white ones. But, I guess since i am going to cover them anyway, no big deal.


barbara jean

Shabby Kim said...

Glad you liked my idea for creating Decorating Scrapbooks. To answer your question, that's where the clear plastic sheetcovers come in. When you want to have both sides of a magazine page showing, just leave out the cardstock paper. I only use the cardstock when I there is only one side of a magazine page I want to show.

Free Pretty Things For You said...

thank you andrea!
You have such a lovely blog!
Your new follower

Fete et Fleur said...

I'm going through all my old magazines right now, and keeping only the photos and articles I love.

I just saw that you love Toby Mac. He is a favortie of mine too!


gabrielle said...

Oh my goodness, Andrea! What a beautiful post! The apron is to die for!

debi beard said...

Hi Andrea,
Deb hodge sent me the apronogy preview... then I saw your dreamy apron and loved it! i went to your site and recognised that you follow my blog the mermaids mercantile... small world.
yes we have lost some of my fave magazines... home companion and country home were sooo good. I also loved Domino. Stampington is really great and keeps me excited about magazines!
your work is beautiful!


Maija said...

Your pretty things are so lovely!!!

June said...

Oh Andrea I love this post and the little peek of your apron and swap goodies. I definitely agree about CL. Now I buy the British issue when I see one I can't live without.

LuLu said...

Hello Andrea, you are truly inspiring! I will definitely check out the magazine! I love my camera, it's an Olympus E410, my photographer cousin recommended it to me and it hasn't let me down!

Anonymous said...

As i can't throw them away and as i have nowhere to store the piles anymore, i don't subscribe to anything :(
I like holy cards also :) PS - I visit you through my friend's blog, Lili, where is saw all the marvellous things you have sent to her.

Belle journée !

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

That's a nice collection of holy cards, Andrea. I love the sneak peek of your apron!

Secondhandrose said...

The Holy Cards are so pretty. I grew up seeing them tucked in my mother's and grandmother's bibles. I am happy they are so popular. Congratulations on the apron! Come for a visit. I am having a giveaway.


tales from an oc cottage said...

Oh, your petite boxes look divine!

m ^..^

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Your Valentines are so sweet! I love magazines but I pull out pages that I want to keep and I have files to put them in. I can't keep old magazines any room! lol