Sunday, January 10, 2010

Out Junkin'

Went junkin yesterday and came home with a few goodies but chose just a select few of my favorites to show you. Like this old little composition baby doll. Doesn't she have just the sweetest face. I love old dolls.
And this little vintage pin keep. I have always wanted one of these old little boxes with the old glass pins poked in, and now I finally do! Hard to photograph, though.I am just so happy with this little thing!

And this sweet little flapper girl, an old pin cushion topper . Made in Germany, so pretty and sits nestled on my hutch amongst a pile of old pearl bracelets like the ones in the picture that I like to collect also.
Photobucket Thanks to everyone for there sweet comments about my little shop The French Post.You are all too sweet!! And I love knowing each and everyone of you. xo
The winner of the giveaway was #29 June, please send me your addy.
I have signed up for three valentines day swaps so that is what I have been working on and will finish up this week! I love doing swaps and getting mail. Sometimes I think I just buy things to get mail, it's a little fetish maybe of mine.I always eagerly await my mail everyday....anyone else have this problem???

xo Andrea


Connie said...

Great idea for the online store, sugar! Hope it is very successful for you.

Joyce said...

Nice finds.


Hi Andrea,
The half doll is very pretty. I like to find dark haired girls.
Wow...3 swaps. I'm doing 1 and missed out on the 2nd one. Yes...mail can make any day much better.
Fun seeing your new treasures!
Have fun making your swap packages.
Deb :)

June said...

Hi Andrea, I'm thrilled to have won your awesome giveaway!!! I LOVE getting mail too and now I have something to be looking out for.
I love all your finds. Really love the flapper and you know you are never too old to play with dolls.
I'll e-mail my address.

Suzie Button said...

I love your treasures, Andrea! Your flapper girl would be lovely as a wine doll glass. I made a couple for girlfriends for Christmas, you can see on my blog here
She's perfect for it! Suzie

icandy... said...

Oh, these are darling!!
Great treasures!

Bella Weddings said...

Love Love Love your blog.
All of your treasures are great.
Especially the Art Deco figure. Have plans to turn an empty bedroom into an office/bedroom/retreat into something deco-ish. Any ideas or any favorite websites you could suggest?
I'm following you now so I'll be checking back soon.
Hope you have a wonderful week!

LiLi M. said...

Love your purchases!! I still love dolls too, that will never end I am affraid! So tell your hubby: LiLi is mega old and still has dolls too (and other old toys, like small toy shops!!). I love pearl bracelets and half dolls too! I think these flappers are the best, you did well!!
What is the problem of liking swaps? ;-)!

Piney Rose said...

What lovely things you have found - now I'm needing a junking trip!


Fabulous finds indeed! I adore those pins as well, always fascinating graphics on the packaging, and shiny glass head pins ~ so pretty! ~ Angela

ramsam said...

I love getting mail!

You can get magazines with Coke points, and I run to the mailbox always excited when a new one comes. My husband thinks it's crazy, but I can't help it!

Rhondi said...

Hi Andrea
You got some precious things there. I love the flapper! I'm sorry I missed your giveaway!
Thanks for stopping by today.
Hugs, Rhondi said...

I can't wait to see what you make for the swaps you signed up for, you always send the best stuff for them!

Pinkie Denise said...

love your blog. I have to confess I love to play with dolls too!

Dolly said...

Aw I don't think we ever get too old to play with dolls...especially that pretty one you found!
I play barbies with the girls when they come to play at Grammas house!
{Love to dress them all pretty}
When I buy a new doll hubby asks if its for me or the girls? :-)

Love your new treasures!
Hugz, Dolly

Leann said...

I love old babies. I just got a new on from a second cousin. It was made for her father in 1916 - WOW. He's in pretty good shape.

Enjoy your swap!

shabbydreaming said...

WOW!!! you got some awesome stuff!!!

Pretty Things said...

The pin keep is so cool! Now I'll know what those are when I see them!

nicedaydesigns said...

Just to let you know you are the winner of my supplies competition, please contact me through my blog and let me know your coices for your prize. You can mix and match between both of my etsy shops if you wish.

LuLu said...

Hello Andea,

Just sent you an invite to see my Flickr photos so you can see what the E410 does, not that I'm that great or anything, but even with my beginner skills the photos turn out great, that's saying something.