Sunday, May 24, 2009

Colors I love ~

PhotobucketI love these sweet little bundles posies from Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic Store. Tied with a little piece of ribbon and a worn safety pin , they just look so pretty in these old glass things off a chandelier I have.I love the worn cream colors in this picture , And this sweet old hankie keep
Photobucketfound at one of my favorite antique shops , with it's delicate tea stained lace edge and satin tie . I love the colors of this,they are just so pretty and one of my favorite finds! Along with this vintage barkcloth runner which may become a pillow someday ,I think I can get at least one pillow out of this.
Photobucket Or it would also make a nice valance too .It measures about 24 inches by 60 inches long just to give you an idea. I am also getting ready to do my Aunt's wedding flowers in two months , she is going to have a bouquet of mixed dahlias ~I really love pretty summer colors like these.....It's all going to be so pretty.
Also trying to find something to wear to my aunts wedding, I haven't worn a dress in like 7years??! I have a vintage prom dress but i could never get into it , but maybe if I found one that was my size would that work? ( wishful thinking) Or maybe a ruffled blouse and slacks? What do you think, I have not been to a wedding in a few years. I do wedding work on the side but I don't attend all the weddings I design for , just deliver and make sure everythings just right and then go.
Photobucket I just love these old blue mason jars and I pick then up when ever I find them because they make perfect vases .I am planning a special giveaway for my 100th POST that's Coming soon!! I'll give you a hint, it's going to be really LOVELY! and vintage TOO!


Alison Gibbs said...

Lots of pretty eye candy in this post. Love the Ashwell flowers

LiLi M. said...

A vintage prom dress would be nice, for your sisters wedding, but they are almost always small, but on the other make the impression to be quite petite, so that shouldn't be the problem! A strapless vintage evening dress would be nice too. Maybe you should look at one of the numerous wedding blogs, to be inspired. Looking forward to your 100th post!

Marianne@Songbirdisnesting said...

I think the 100's are coming in bundles. I am having a giveaway too, to celebrate my 100th. Post.
Love all the colors in your post, so delicate and refined.
Have a nice week!

TattingChic said...

Lovely photos! They are beautiful colors, I agree.


Hi Andrea,
Just had to come by and see what you are up to. The flowers for your Auntie's wedding will be lovely :)
Sorry, can't help with the clothes issue...I have a wedding to go to next month and it's out doors and says "causal" attire...???
Looking forward to your 100th post.
Deb :)

Cottage In The Sun said...

My favorite summer wedding outfit is a floral sundress (think Laura Ashley) with a lightly colored lacy shawl over the top. In Texas it's more to keep the mosquitoes away, but also would be great if it gets cool where you are. :)

Jessica said...

lovely photos!
the shabby chic posies are very sweet. i wish i could have visited her store, but alas, i live too far north!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I miss Shabby Chic! Great pictures.

Elizabeth Holcombe said...

I love your crown, my friend!~~Alas, I am a simple "serf" not having a crown of my own :( XXOO, Beth