Friday, July 30, 2010


Oh yes,it's another chandelier to add to my collection..I have wanted one of this style for awhile and luckily my junkin pal Jenny had this and soon it became mine ~!I think it looks pretty with the old bed frame I picked up so we'll see once I get the bed set up ..still have to go pick up a new mattress set for it ~ :)

I love this old crown fit for a bride or display ..I just love all the old beading on the front and the tulle on the back .. I intentionally bought this for my shop and have been hoarding it for awhile but now have decided to part with it ..It's just so pretty! I can't keep everything I find so I added it here to the shop!

Wishing you a great weekend packed with finding treasures and some flowers I picked for you !!!
Remember if you haven't voted on a color for the chicken coop ,there's still time to! The poll is in the upper right corner here ont he blog and if theres a color I haven't thought of feel free to post it here!!!!!!!! And thanks for blogging with me !



Hi Andrea :)
Very pretty the glass arms!
How fun to have a chicken coop...will you have real chickens?? We can't have them in the city...yet...I think it would be great to have a couple and all those fresh and healthly eggs. Not sure how the dogs would handle it..oh well... just a dream!
I'm thinking blues and greens.
Happy weekend to you!
deb :)

Pretty Things said...

What a great find!