Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Got all the chandys clean..and a few other things..

What a difference a little windex makes?? I got all 6 chandeliers cleaned today ,have one left to go :) and also cleaned these cloches I have ..I like to change whats underneath every so often ..So I put my sweet baby doll under here for now..On the way back from yakima I stopped at one of my favorite antique shops and picked up another one of these. I didn't have one in this pretty of blue , but now I do!! I may where this at a show!!

And lots and lots of these... I love the pink and white ones but I also like the other colors ..Something bold in a house of mostly white ..I also added a few to the shop and will be the next couple days ..more colors..
The street fair is tommarow... I am hoping to find more treasures .........


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

You have SIX chandy's ?? WOW..that must be some place you live in.


Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

Such pretties! You really should wear that to the show.
Have fun!

aimee said...

with some cute boots would be great! have fun at the street fair!

A Cottage Muse said...

I agree ~ it would be fun to wear one of those ruffled lovelies to the show!

June said...

Andrea you are a busy girl every time I stop in, and yet you always make me feel at home! Every thing looks great and you are doing what I should be flowers and I so must have fresh flowers indoors...always.
I loved your finds in the previous post. What a beautiful bouquet you made for your brother's new wife!

vicki said...

Andrea - I just found your most recent contribution to the world of design in the newest Somerset Life magazine. How wonderful to see a friend there in those beautiful pages!

Your candles and gift pockets are simply adorable - who would not be thrilled to be given such a gift!

Congratulations on your success in being published - once again! You deserve all the kudos you get! Good for you!


vicki said...

I thought I was your follower - don't know how I messed that up - but I am now for sure! Don't want to miss any of your great creations! (And your beautiful photos!)


melonybradley said...

Wow- your cloche is super sparkley now!

The Girls said...

I love the lamp shades- they are just perfect the way they are- Im sure they have a story to tell :) Maybe dangle a simple strand of pearls or a chandelier crystal from each opening.