Friday, June 11, 2010

Birthday Girl

My Lily Mae turns 7 today . It's amazing how fast time goes by seams only yesterday she was just a little baby.
Every girl wants to be a princess right? I created this pretty garland out of strips of fabric, I had so many little pieces of this and that , and this was a great way to use them all ..Isn't it pretty!I have another one in the works of creams and whites and vintage linens.I am going to use them when I will be a vendor at the next funky junk sisters show for my booth!

A close up of all the pretty fabrics. I used strips ranging from 2by8 inches to 3 by 12 inches. With a little burlap mixed in , It really didn't take too long at all, i tied them onto a sturdy piece of ribbon.
And a party wouldn't be a party without another old dress I picked up off of ebay, I really love this one, with it's velvet waist band.

And layers of tulle ruffles. I think i am addicted to these !

Hope you have a lovely weekend , We got Lily a new bike so I am sure we'll be out on some bike rides! xo Andrea


jen said...

HAppy Birthday to Lily! 7 is such a fun age :) Love the garland it really is adorable! Girl you gotta stop with the dresses! I am trying with all my might not to start collecting another thing but those really get me! They were everywhere when I lived in Texas so I always thought next time and I never picked a one up :( HAve a great bike ride!

luvs and glitter

Linda said...

Happy Birthday, Lily! The dress is to die for...and I love the garland, too!

A Cottage Muse said...

Happy Birthday little one! Before you know it Lily will be looking for a pretty prom dress herself! Enjoy your weekend!

LiLi M. said...

Happy birthday to Lily Mae and have a lot of fun with your new bike!

luckygirlgifts said...

Happy Birthday Lily. 7 year old little girls are the best!!!
Have fun
cari B.

Maija said...

I love that graland! Brilliant idea!!!

melonybradley said...

Lily- big 7!! Happy Birthday. I love that the garland uses up so many scraps that might otherwise go to waste. Very neat

Sue said...

Happy birthday to your sweet daughter! Sounds like you created the most lovely celebration for her.

LOVE that dress! What a beautiful collection you have!


Debbie Demmers-Lujan said...

The garland is fabulous and will be a great accent anywhere. The dress reminded me of one my mother had that she gave me....the waist was so tiny! So, do you have a large collection of dresses? Asking because of Jen's comment....thanks, debbie

ramsam said...

I love it all, you are so gifted! The garland is great- and so is your home in the background. Can't wait to see more!

vicki said...

Oh Andrea - the garland is exquisite - just absoutely beautiful! Love the colors. I cant wait to see the next one you make - and that dress - oh my! You certainly had a wonderful party for your beautiful daughter!


aimee said...

happy birthday to your little one :) i really like the garland. you did a great job. very creative, very pretty.

prashant said...

They were everywhere when I lived in Texas so I always thought next time
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