Monday, March 29, 2010

A little Easter swap

I've been doing a little sewing , made these little pants for Gracie and also made skirts for the two older girls .I just didn't get a chance to take pictures of those but I will. I love to sew ,crafting for me actually started with sewing . I never actually thought of sewing till several years now ago their was a sewing machine my aunt was selling for $15 in a yard sale I was hosting.

I have been sewing ever scince. The more sewing i did the better I got. If your looking for a easy peasy pattern for little girls clothes I like Sandi henderson patterns. Oh my gosh their so easy.I can't read a store pattern but these have easy to follow along directions.

Now is this little teacup just the prettiest thing?? I was lucky to have a little Easter swap with Miss Lori She makes the prettiest things....

And look at this sweet little bunny she made. Just adorable and I love the lavender!

Thank you so much Lori ! I will treasure thse lovelies! I love the sweet little bisque doll too with bunny ears!

And I leave you with these .I love to collect these cups and love it when I find one. What do you like to collect??

A little contest to tell you about!
Check it out!


Annesphamily said...

I love Easter! Enough said! You have a super sweet blog and you were so lucky to get this great Easter swap treat!

Shelly said...

I guess my "crafting" also started with sewing. I used to make about 80% of my clothes,,,the rest coming mainly from Nordstrom.

My first "paid" job was at a Fabric store,,,,"Fashion Fabrics." But they hired me because I made costumes for the drama department.

I sewed EVERYTHING for years,,,including ski clothes, suits and even my first wedding dress......which all phased out as I became a full time Nordstrom Employee AND MOMMY of boys,,,,,Not so fun to sew for boys!

Now, I make a few things for the home,,,,,,but mostly craft things. My how times change!!! I want to start sewing more again this year,,

Lovely post. Thanks for sharing!
(Prayers for a warmer and dryer Saturday for My/our Parade and Bonnet contest would be appreciated!)

Beth Gales said...

I collect tea cups too! And I started my daughters,too. I love the swap...the bisque doll with bunny ears is too sweet!

Lisa said...

Cool! I am glad you are enjoying sewing! I want a machine to try!
Great swap!
Happy Spring!
Hugs, Lisa

BellaRosa said...

Andrea what lovely gifts you got from your fun Easter swap with Lori, she makes the prettiest things :) Hope you had a lovely weekend. Besos, Rose

ps..when you get a moment, please visit my lil blog and let me know how you like my lil blog redo :)


Precious little pants! Sewing can be so rewarding. And your swap goodies are fabulous! ~ Angela

tales from an oc cottage said...

WOW! What amazing treats! I am indelicately drooling! ;}

m ^..^

Debbie Demmers-Lujan said...

Andrea, my grandmother's favorite color was lavender! She lived to be 99 years old!!! Thank you for making something so delicate and pretty with lavender!!! debbie

Alison Gibbs said...

What sweet fabric you have used for the little pants.
Your Easter Swap goodies from Lori are fabulous

Lori said...

Andrea, those pants are the cutest darn things!!! thanks again for the wonderful swap...i am hoping the sun will peek out over here so i can do my pics of what you sent to me!!! said...

My mom used to make clothes for me, she was so good at it. I'd just point to a picture in a magazine and she'd whip it up with no pattern. I just wish I had gotten the sewing gene from her!! I'd love to make Sugarwings some cute clothes from vintage materials. Those pants are adorable!!

LiLi M. said...

Ah those pants, tdf! Lori has certainly spoiled you! Cannot wait to see what you've send her.
What do I collect...are you kidding?

Alba Linea said...

oooh those things are all so pretty! love the cup. best wishes and a very sunny creativy day. ;0)

Jennifer said...

Sewing????? You have yet another talent..that's not fair!!!

Elyse said...

aw, look at all of this cute! enjoy!

{your blog looks great, btw!}


Vintage Blue Studio said...

Ooooo the little bisque doll is just too sweet!

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tales from an oc cottage said...

❦ Oh, my gosh! The picture of your "motto" cups is cracking me up! That saucer peeking out behind them...I used to have it too, until my sister came over one day and saw that I was using it as a cat dish! Now, I think my cats deserve a pretty dish...but my sister thought she deserved it more! It's on a stand in her kitchen now! ;}
WHAT a seamstress you are! Adorable creations!❦

❤ ^..^

LiLi M. said...

Hi Andrea,
Just hopping over to wish you and your cute family a very happy Easter!

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Andrea, I'm so loving that gorgeous fabric you used. Could you please tell me what kind of print it is and where you got it?!! p.s. I just received my giveaway goodies from you and want to say thank you SO much - I love the rose teacups and that lovely vintage fabric!